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Statement from Rock Harper on Queen Mother's

Today is a tremendously significant day here in the state of Virginia. April 3, 1865, was the day that the city of Richmond fell to the Union Army. In the city of Tappahannock, my Mother, and Grandmother's hometown in Essex County, festivities celebrated Black people's emancipation annually. While much of the nation has become familiar with June 19, "the 3rd of April" is Virginia's Juneteenth.

On this Emancipation Day, I begin this message with profound gratitude. Thank you to every supporter of Queen Mother's. We love you, and thank you for bringing us to this point.

Saturday, May 6, will be our last day of restaurant-style service at Kitchen of Purpose. Beginning May 9th, we will offer catering only. Please visit this link to reserve catering for your next office lunch, corporate event, special event or large family gathering.

We are making a BIG announcement very soon. Queen Mother's next phase will be innovative and groundbreaking! You can head to our website to sign up for our email list to ensure you are the first to know. I promise that you won't want to miss it!

Thank you again for being with us on this journey as we continue to build community, honor culture and serve with care.

~Rock Harper


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