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"You Can Always Come Home."

~-Queen Mother

Come home to the culture, the food and the love.

Our commitment to you. We promise to use chicken that is rich in nutrients and free of: antibiotics, drugs, genetic modification, pesticides, growth hormones, artificial preservatives, flavorings and colors.

No additives, ever. We use chickens that dine on organic feed made of corn and soy that is grown in the United States. This diet—plus low-stress and humane living conditions—keep our chickens healthy without the need for additives.

Better-tasting chicken. Higher standards produce top-quality, better-tasting fried chicken. Our chicken is processed using a method that sears in the natural juices, tenderizes the meat, and eliminates the need for chilled chlorinated water that most restaurants use. 

All-natural ingredients. We use 13 ingredients including salt, brown sugar, water, real seasoning, flour, pepper, cayenne, garlic, onion, rice, chickpea, canola oil and duck fat. 

We lead by example. We set the bar high. We don't compromise on taste, so why should you? 


Our Story

A Tribute to Queen Mother

In August of 2020, Chef Rahman “Rock” Harper opened Queen Mother’s Fried Chicken as a loving tribute to his mom Carole Harper, affectionately known to most as “Mother." 


Experience the Queen Mother's difference. Nobody fries chicken like we fry chicken and nobody cooks like Queen Mother cooks. 

Queen Mother and Rock Harper
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Rock Harper

Executive Chef

Rahman “Rock” Harper is a nationally-recognized chef, restaurateur, servant leader, author and podcast host. 

He is the owner of RockSolid Creative Food Group LLC and Queen Mother's Fried Chicken.  

Chef Rock is the winner of Hell's Kitchen Season 3 and has appeared on the Food Network, the Today Show, FOX, ABC 7 and more. 



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Packaging & Materials
  • At Queen Mother's, our packaging is made from plant-based renewable resources derived from bagasse and bamboo. 

  • Our eco-friendly packaging is certified for industrial and home compostability. 

  • Our takeout bags and side cups are made from eco-friendly paper. 

  • Our utensils include plant starch made from 70 percent renewable resources, which utilizes significantly less plastic than traditional disposable cutlery.

  • We use as little plastic as possible, and we are committed to being 100 percent plastic free in the near future. 

Queen Mothers

Everyday Menu

Download the printed menu here


Queen Mother's Classic 

Virginia Honey Butter 



Seasoned Waffle Fries 

Macaroni & Cheese 

Country Potato Salad 

Creamy Cole Slaw 

Tangy Cole Slaw 

Red Beans & Rice with Smoked Turkey 

Braised Kale with Smoked Turkey 

Pearl Sugar Belgian Waffle 

Basmati Rice 


Pickles (Dill or Spicy) 

Spicy Red Onions

Candied Jalapeños


Honey Butter Breakfast Biscuit 

Chicken & Waffles 

Chicken Tenders & Biscuits with Watermelon Jam

Crispy Chicken & Apple Salad 


Gochu BBQ

Yuzu Mayo

Mother Sauce 

Uncle Dell's Mambo 

Uncle Dell's Spicy Mambo 

Uncle Dell's Cocktail 

Honey Dijon 

Jerk Mayo 

Buttermilk Ranch

Hot Sauce 


Kewpie Mayo 

Virginia Honey Butter 

Strawberry Compote 

Blueberry Compote

Pure Maple Syrup


Oversized Chocolate Chip Cookie 


Black Magic Woman Sweet Tea

Panther ParTea

My Last Good Nerve Lemonade

Rockin' Moroccan Lemonade

Triple Goddess Lemonade

Harriet's Gun Lemonade

San Benedetto Sparkling Mineral Water

San Benedetto Mineral Water


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I'm not sure where else to post this, but please get this chicken sandwich. This is by far one of the better chicken sandwiches in northern VA/DC area. It was crispy, seasoned well, and boy was the portion huge and satisfying. By far the juiciest chicken sandwich I've had in the area in a long time!

— Katie L.

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Queens Market

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At Queen Mother's, we are committed to partnering with local businesses in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our buns are baked fresh and delivered daily from Lyon Bakery, Calabash Tea and Tonic provides our teas, and we are a proud reseller of Uncle Dell's Mambo Sauce. 

Mambo Sauce
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